There are many ways of getting involved or “joining in” at the Burgh Angel. From being a community journalist to helping with distribution, or a bit of both. Anything you wish to contribute will be most welcome. It is entirely up to yourself how much time you would like to put in. The important thing is your contribution. We are open to hearing ideas for stories, sections links or other things you feel are relevant. It is your paper.

We need NEWS
send ideas – collect some copies for your community. Drop us a line or email (at) – For details see Letters to Ed link.

Please send money to The Burgh Angel bank account to contribute funds to keep the Burgh Angel going:

Sort Code: 20 33 70
Account Number: 23046974

A regular monthly standing order would be best if possible.

You can set that up by internet banking, telephone banking, in person at any branch of your bank, or by printing and posting off this form.

Also you can donate instantly using any debit card or credit card by clicking on this button



3 responses to “Contribute

  1. Hi, I am soon to move to Glasgow and would very much like to help with the Burgh Angel. I have some experience with local newsletters, and have helped at Red Pepper and Freedom before (still do). Would be willing to help with distribution, contribute journalism, raise-funds and so on. I would also like to ask whether I could put an ‘ad’ or notice in the newsletter. Myself and a few others are trying to set up a housing coop, and hopefully a cooperative run cafe. In both of these we wish to open up spaces for polotical and cultural events, community campaigning etc. We are looking for members and would like to put a notice in the Burgh Angel if possible.

    Many thanks


  2. Hi Terry,

    Thanks for your enthusiasm!

    We can firm this stuff up if you email us at:

    Certainly there is no problem about placing an ad for anything community related.

  3. I run a charity organising recreational activities for young people. I am having a community meeting at the Ledgowan Tenants Hall on Tuesday the 9th of Dec from 6-7 pm to discuss how we can work together to help get Glasgow teenagers happier and healthier. If you can help publise the meeting and my efforts that would be great.

    Kind regards,

    Stephen Koepplinger

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