Maryhill Leaders Demand Improvements To Scheme

The Burgh Angel, along with leaders in community based institutions in Maryhill have been concerned about the way that Maryhill Locks developments are to deliver just 17% social homes. As a result a campaign has been launched to bring together different institutions and concerned citizens in the local area. The campaign is meeting with Stephen Curran, the Labour councillor in charge of the scheme, to demand improvements. The group is due to meet with Councillor Curran and officials later in the month. The next Angel will report on any progress from that meeting and reveal details of how
local leaders intend to take forward the campaign.


3 responses to “Maryhill Leaders Demand Improvements To Scheme

  1. 17% social homes is terrible. I hope they change that.

  2. why is it taking so long to build these houses, when i see other flats/house getting built a lot quicker

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