After another fire residents call for new veranda doors

IN THE SAME week that the Wyndford housing scheme saw another fire in one of its 25 storey blocks, local residents started voicing concerns over the safety of the veranda doors which are currently installed. The residents of Wyndford, many of whom have disabilities and mental health issues and with a large number of elderly residents in sheltered housing, have asked Cube Housing if the current doors could be replaced with sliding doors as part of
its current planned £10 million investment. The sliding veranda
doors the residents are asking for are already installed in the Cadder estate which is also run by Cube Housing.

While  Cube may argue that the money has already been allocated and it is too late to look into other options, Cube should investigate viable solutions in the interest of its residents who have voiced their concerns over the safety of the doors.

The scheme has seen two major fires in two years in both maisonette and tower block flats and Cube have been very vocal in encouraging the residents to practice fire safety in their homes through a leaflet campaign, posters and on their website. However, Cube should also be active in its fire safety drive and
should at least make sure the doors are of a suitable type which would allow the residents the best possible chance of surviving a fire.

A resident in one of the 25 storey tower blocks said, ‘It’s worrying that the block I stay in has seen two fires in the two years that I’ve lived here. Especially as I know there are lots of families and elderly in the building. The veranda doors that are there just now aren’t very good when I think about it. My one sticks and I have to push really hard on it to get it open. But then when I do get it open, sometimes I’ve had to push so hard I’ve hurt myself by falling through. So my choices are to get someone else to open and close it for me or not go out onto the veranda. I’d like Cube to look into it because even though I don’t live at the very top, it’s still a big drop down to the ground if there was a fire on one of the floors near me. Easier access onto the veranda would mean I might have a bit more time for the fire brigade to help me before I’d have to think aboutanything drastic like jumping.’

Any concerned residents of the Wyndford could also write to Cube and ask them to look into installing sliding doors. Below is a suggestion which could be used as a template based on one written to Cube. The Burgh Angel would also
encourage the residents of Wyndford to look into the fire safety policies and procedures for their own homes as well as write into Cube if they would like to voice any concerns. However, please send photocopies and keep the original for future reference.


Dear Cube,

I have concerns over the ease of access to my veranda in the event of a fire and
would like Cube Housing to investigate into upgrading the current doors with
sliding doors such as the ones they have installed at Cadder estate.

While I understand there are financial restrictions, I would ask Cube to consider the importance of the safety of it’s residents and look into viable alternatives to the PVC doors which are currently installed. These doors which can be heavy and stiff are a safety hazard for many of the residents who are elderly or physically disabled should they need to escape onto their veranda should a fire occur in or near their home.

Please could you tell me what Cube housing could do to rectify this situation.
Thank you.

Yours sincerely,


Letters can be sent to:

Willie Croft

Head of
Cube Housing
McCafferty House
71 Firhill Road
G20 7BE


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