Scottish Housing Minister Denies Malpractice Claims

(by getting a civil servant working on planning for the Commonwealth Games to answer for him!)

“Dear Sir or Madam

Thank you for your e-mail of 9 December 2011 to Keith Brown MSP, Minister for Housing and Transport, asking about clawback arrangements at the housing developments at Maryhill Locks, which falls within the Maryhill Transformational Regeneration Area (TRA).

Mr Brown has asked me to reply on his behalf. While contractual legal agreements govern any disposal of land in these circumstances, clawback is waived in Activated Transformational Regeneration Areas (TRAs) – currently Maryhill, Lauriestonand Gallowgate – to help facilitate the regeneration of these areas, making sites more affordable to develop. This policy for all Activated TRAs, has been agreed between Glasgow City Council, Glasgow Housing Association and Scottish Government and is fairly common in many regeneration projects throughout the United Kingdom. All developments within the TRAs are progressed within the context of a wider framework of agreed planned development.

For clarity, I should confirm the current position at Maryhill Locks. Phase 1 was the Botany development of 35 social rented properties, completed in October 2010 and in the ownership of Maryhill Housing Association. A significant number of these tenancies were taken up by former Botany residents who were keen to return to the area. Phase 2 commenced in June 2011 and an advanced works programme is underway.

Maryhill Housing Association will provide 106 homes for social rent and 19 units for New Supply Shared Equity. The remainder of the site will, in time, be developed for affordable private housing.

I hope my .Ietter clarifies the position.
Yours sincerely,
Alex Robertson
Head of Planning, Finance and Glasgow
Victoria Quay.”


One response to “Scottish Housing Minister Denies Malpractice Claims

  1. The Croft is a retirement housing development in Bourne Lincolnshire, with great facilities for the residents! , nice post, thanks

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