Cllr Alex Dingwall on Maryhill Locks “social home swick”

“Guys, really surprised by this story as the development of this site has been fully discussed for over three years in LHO and HA meetings, numerous community meetings at St Mary’s , presentations to community councils including both Maryhill and Wyndford & District and there is most certainly new social housing being built”

Author : Cllr Alex Dingwall
E-mail :

The facts speak for themselves.

Council and Scottish Government officials have been reluctant to release documents relating to the land deals underway. Documents which have been leaked to the Angel feature ‘redactions’ (censored details). What have they got to hide?

The amount of houses to be built is 800 overall. 146 will be for social rent. That’s just 17% – less than a fifth. This makes a mockery of the hundreds and hundreds of social homes which were demolished to make way for this largely private development.

In the initial phase of development the council waived £3.8 million that was due to it, from the sale of the land. No-one was asked whether we wanted to give away £3.8 million of public land to private developers for free. In total it is estimated that the entire development will cost the council £100 million in such handouts to developers. Although no-one really knows exactly how much has been doled out, because the information is being withheld.

What we do know is that this is a plan created by a Labour ran council committee, which was endorsed by and SNP Minister, and is being supported by a Lib Dem Councillor. They all have to answer for why they demolished hundreds of our homes to give the land away for nothing to private developers.


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