“We’re Listening”, say Resident’s Group

Wyndford residents are soon to receive a survey asking two open ended
questions in an attempt to gauge views on how our communities should take

The survey will ask, ‘What are the biggest problems in the area?’ and,
‘What makes you angry?’. Teams of volunteers from across Glasgow are to be
put at the disposal of community organizers in a plan that will be
determined by the local community, and the civil society groups in the

The listening exercise is to form part of a plan to rally the
community in Maryhill over the coming months to prepare the community
during what is widely thought to be a time of widespread change.

Asked to comment, Lead Organizer for Power In Community, an
organization which specializes in community organizing, Nick Durie,
noted, “This is a time of change for Scotland.  Many different things
may happen to the nation, this city, and our communities over the next
few years.  We need to listen to our families, and our communities, so
that we know what it is that concerns us most, and what priorities
of the new alliances our communities are rapidly forming should take
on.  If change is happening all around us, we can’t just allow our
needs and desires to be neglected; if we do that we risk just being
blown about in upheaval.  That isn’t good for families.  We should be
in charge of our own destiny.”

In an era where ‘local’ and ‘Big Society’ are words that get bandied
about frequently in the media, sometimes it can seem that in the rush
to consult, change, or in the next big local upheaval the actual views
of communities can be hidden by box ticking exercises.

The listening exercise is to take place over the autumn. Look out for
teams of volunteers in the Wyndford this October.


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