People 1st!

Members of the Maryhill Anti Cuts Group joined thousands of trade unionists,students, poverty campaigners, community activists, pensioners, public sector workers and disabled groups on Sat 1st October for the STUC People First march and rally.

It snaked its wet way through torrential rain, which could not dampen the spirit of those attending, to protest against the coalition government’s attack on ordinary people’s living standards and services which are being cut.

The protesters raised the question that while the current financial crises in Britain has been caused by reckless greed and profiteering of the bankers, why should ordinary people be punished for this crisis?

The rally although curtailed by the weather was briefly addressed by Tony Benn who is currently national president of The Coalition of Resistance against the cuts. Maryhill Anti Cuts Group work together with Coalition of Resistance Glasgow and others to organise the defence of our social services. Tony Benn contended that the present government is mounting the biggest attack ever made on the British Welfare State which was created after the Second World War, and that the Coalition government’s aim under Clegg and Cameron is to finish the the work begun under Margaret Thatcher in the 1980s.

Benn went on to say that when people returned from the Second World War in 1945 the view was that it was the responsibility of government representing the people as a whole, to provider affordable homes, free medical care, education for all, and key public services. Those attending the Put People First march assert that these social gains are now under threat from the UK government’s programme of austerity and privatisation, which they argue will take our society back 80 years.

Maryhill Anti Cuts can be contacted on 0141 576 4773 (answering machine available) or emailed at,


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