East End Carers Fight Back

Disabled people and carers demand decent services

The campaign to save the Accord daycare centre for adults with learning
disabilities had a widely supported demo at Parkhead Forge on Saturday,
27th August with at least 500 people in attendance.

The Accord Centre is being demolished to make way for a bus park for the
11-day long Commonwealth Games spectacle in 2014. Users of the Centre are
demanding a like-for-like replacement to keep this service in the East

A replacement promised by Glasgow City Council has now been dropped. The
Council has tried to transfer Accord Centre users and carers to a hired
room in a community centre, a move they describe as “completely

The treatment of the Accord Centre shows that the legacy of the
Commonwealth Games 2014 is not for the people who live in the area
where the Games will be held. This has already been seen with the
treatment meted out to the Jaconelli family, evicted from their home by
sheriff officers and dozens of police when
they refused to accept the compensation package offered for
their tenement home in Dalmarnock. Meanwhile, Mayfair property developer
Charles Price walked away with Ł9 million for land just across the road.

These moves are also part of an overall attack on services for
disabled people across the city. Rather than sit back and take it,
the Save the Accord campaign is organizing and fighting back. The demo
followed one in July which was also widely supported,
showing the continuing anger at the City Council and the
depth of solidarity with disabled people and their carers.

The demo was backed by groups including STUC, PCS Scotland, UNISON
Glasgow Branch, Coalition of Resistance, Defend Glasgow Services
Campaign and the Right to Work Campaign, alongside a host of other
groups who have contributed to the Save the Accord campaign.

The support of all these groups is welcome in the wider fight against
cuts across Glasgow. The lesson to be learnt here is that when we
dig our heels in, in our own homes, in our own workplaces, in our own
services, in our own areas, we can start to challenge the logic of the
cuts we all face.


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