Extensive Children and Family Centre?

Evening Times 15th April 2009:

Of the decision to close Wyndford and St Gregory’s primaries, Mr Purcell said: “In Wyndford, community education will be coming forward with a proposal to turn the existing nursery school into an extensive children and family centre. This will provide first class nursery education and also improve access to childcare facilities and after school activities for older children.

“It has become clear during the consultation that there are a whole number of reasons why people in Wyndford feel their community is being let down.

“I have asked deputy council leader Jim Coleman to lead a special team of council officials who will work with parents and other community activists to improve the whole Wyndford estate.

“The schools will close, but I would invite parents to work with us in the development of the new children and family centre to make sure what we plan for the area is something driven by their needs.

Was that statement made in good faith?

The nursery is a very small one storey building surrounded by Cube Housing Association land.

Here is the Google Street View photo of Wyndford Nursery:

Wyndford Nursery

Extensive Children and Family Centre?


2 responses to “Extensive Children and Family Centre?

  1. what i want to know if the votes were not till 23rd HOW DO THEY KNOW THE SCHOOLS WHERE GOING TO CLOSE?????

    have they got a crystal ball or is it all fixed and all consultlations,listening to the “people” was just onr huge big sham (as we know it was)

  2. This only shows that Steven Purcell knows hes let our community down by the proposals to close the 2 schools. A few of us went to see councillor Coleman regarding proposals and the regeneration of Wyndford and he is nothing short of arrogant and condecending. A man like this helping Wyndford? I dont think so!!!! This is nothing but a ploy because of what tey have done to us. They are running scared and so they should be

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