We will Stand Up and Be Heard – vow parent veterans of lock-in protest

February 11th: Parents staged a lock-in parent at closure threatened Our Lady of the Assumption Primary School, Ruchill. This report is by the parents themselves.
“Hi there. I was reading your News for North-West Glasgow Issue 11 about the closures of the schools.

On the 11th February four parents of O.L.A Ruchill locked themselves in the school because they wanted to get their point across, that they will be listened to.

Our school is younger than the school they are trying to put our kids to and our building is in good condition. Inside of our school is clean and bright. Our kids grades are better.

So why move them for 18 months to one school then up to the new campus when it is built in 2010. If it gets built, there is no guarantee.

So stop the closure and leave the kids in their own schools in Ruchill until it has been built.

Let the kids have their say. They are happy where they are. The kids have friends and made bonds with there own teachers. Why disrupt them when they are settled in their own schools. Ruchill only has two schools in the area.

Why close them – you will rip the heart out of our community leave us with nothing. It is not on. We will stand up and be heard.

SOS. Ruchill school and O.L.A

Yours faithfully,

Parents of both schools.

Please print this for us cheers.”


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