How to find out what Glasgow City Council is up to

Want to know what is going on and is being proposed inside Glasgow City Council?It’s all publicly available online, viewable with these steps:

  • Go to
  • Click “Your Council” (top bar)
  • Click “Council and Committees” (centre left)
  • Click “Council Diary” (right hand side)
  • Click “View Council Diary” (centre)
  • Click “Meetings List Search”

Or, for a short cut direct to that, click here.

The only* ones to look for are the “executive committee”. They happen every two weeks normally and have all the important information, including full details of any land sales. You often have to click on the “More Documents” button at the top right for details on that to be revealed.

For example, check out Item 10 “Disposal of Property/Land” from the 6th February Executive meeting.

The full 6th February Executive meeting is here.

For the various opposition parties, they are limited in what they can do at the Executive meeting. But all Executive decisions are subject to ratification and debate at the following full council meeting, so they can propose questions and amendments there. Feedback from citizens who have taken the time to read the Executive meeting documents online can help them with that. Administration councillors also.

* Occasionally the “council” (meaning full council) meetings have something worthwhile in them.
All the others meetings are irrelevant and should be ignored.
Although the area committees have some interesting local information, especially if you want to know which local voluntary groups are getting top up grants from their area committees.


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