Wyndford Primary and St. Gregory’s Primary Public Meeting

Tuesday 27th January 2009 –

Around 150  angry parents and other members of the community packed Shakespeare Street Youth Club.  Standing room only.
As with Ruchill and Our Lady of the Assumption the night before, both local schools pledged to work together in one united campaign.

Wyndford children will have to walk or take public transport up to two miles up Maryhill Road to St. Mary’s and Parkview Primary Schools if the closures go ahead. The only routes by foot involve walking up busy Maryhill Road, either under or walking along the Forth and Clyde Canal.

Free bus passes will be given to the young children, but not to the parents who will need to accompany them. Many Wyndford parents will struggle to afford the extra expense this will bring. Parents with P1 children face 6 return journeys each day.

St Mary’s is 1.2 miles from St Gregory’s. Parkview is 1.4 miles from Wyndford Primary.

One parent said: “If it was a bank, rather than two schools, that was at the bottom of Gairbraid Avenue, then millions of pounds would be getting thrown at it”

Two Members of the Scottish Parliament and a City Councillor attended the meeting and pledged their support to the campaign.



One response to “Wyndford Primary and St. Gregory’s Primary Public Meeting

  1. I do not live in the area but this has my full full support. I wish the campaign the very best of luck.

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