Top Five Glasgow Websites

Glasgow Guide
This has to be the most well read Glasgow website, as well
as local information and reviews it’s also got lively forums
with wideranging discussion from politics to dodgy puns
and bad jokes.

Set up by “A concerned Glaswegian” it’s got a magic wee
video about all the assets that Glasgow City Council has
just turfed over to a private company. It’s topical and well
produced… but by who? Nobody seems to know – if it’s
you, get in touch!

City Strolls
City Strolls is the most passionately Glaswegian resource
on the net. Piles of amazing local material to pore through
allows folk to see their city in a whole new light.

The Glasgow Story
Its not been updated in a while, but it still gives a fascinating history and is definitely worth a visit.

Hidden Glasgow
Another website with vibrant forums. This time the
craic’s about the buildings and fabric of our city. Have a
butcher’s if you’ve any interest in the architecture that’s
not been torn down yet.


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