Dear Burgh Angel,

GHA is a sad excuse for providing safe housing! Just the mention of GHA makes my blood boil! We at 434 St. Georges Road must be the only block of flats with no CCTV! A lift that is condemned years ago!

If they were a private landlord? Glasgow City Council would have prosecuted them years ago for not providing safe and secure housing!

Dear Burgh Angel,

I am writing concerning the regeneration in Maryhill, firstly what I’d like to mention is the work which is almost complete at Cumlodden Drive.

What I have heard is that if you live in an area in the West End such as Kelvindale and you apply to extend your home, part of the regulation to be granted building permission is on a basis that you do not plan to have a flat roof this seems like a double standard to me, as I’m sure you know the making over of the sites at Maryhill Road, Cumlodden Drive has a flat roof. I believe that instead of the work that has been undertaken these flats should have been demolished. They are, and always have been somewhat degenerating on the eye.

I only feel sorry for the people who have to live in them; and do not believe I’m being overly extreme though these residents should be apologised to and compensated for any stigma or general ill standard of living they have endured as subjects of the squalor they have been forced to call a home.

Dear Burgh Angel,

I am a trade unionist and I’m really hopping mad about the way health and safety issues are treated in this country. The Stockline Plastics disaster – a terrible tragedy for the families of the bereaved, and the people of Maryhill – is not unique. There are sadly campaigns up and down Britain fighting for justice for lost or severely injured loved ones, who have been hurt or killed at work. In almost every case these injuries and deaths were avoidable, like in Stockline plastics safety procedures were not followed or were consciously ignored.

That results in nothing short of institutionalised murder.


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