Common Good Games Comment

  • Jo // Mar 14th 2007 at 11:00 pm (edit)

    I’d like to replace the “common wealth games” with the common good games along the proposed route of the motorway where the cre8 garden used to be.
    We have two basket ball hoops and some astro turf to lay down we need some teams to create our own “COMMON GOOD GAMES” let me know if folk are up for it?

The Angel Comments :

Hi Jo.  That’s interesting.  Would you like to be interviewed for the Angel about it.  We have a number of questions we’d like to ask you, to tell our readers…

  • First off for those who don’t know what is the Cre8 garden?  What inspired this project?
  • Could you tell us a bit about yourself…  Where abouts do you stay, and what’s your job.  Also given the topic what’s your favourite sport?
  • Do you not think that the Commonwealth Games will encourage people to play sport?
  • What will the games mean for people in Maryhill?
  • What do you mean by the Common Good Games?  Why should people take part?
  • Is there a reason people should object to Glasgow’s bid for the Commonwealth Games in 2014?
  • Why do you think so many people have signed the petition to call for the Commonwealth Games?
  • What benefits or otherwise has hosting major sporting events brought to cities like Sydney, Barcelona etc?
  • Council Leader Stephen Purcell has said the Games will not be funded through taxpayers money.  The Angel has uncovered however that the Commonwealth Games is going to be funded by asset stripping of Glasgow City Council, which is to sell off huge portions of land (our “common good”) at rock bottom prices, which are earmarked as part of the bid and the infrastructure surrounding it, to developers.  What do you think that will mean for ordinary Glaswegians?
  • What can people do to challenge some of the negative impact that yourself and others think the Commonwealth Games will bring?
  • When is the Common Good Games to take place and how can people take part?

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